Batman Dance Party – Costume Bash Series Part 3

Batman Dance Party - The Dance Floor, dancing, costumes, Grand Rapids, Pyramid Scheme

Alright, slackers. It’s crunch time. If you’re STILL scrounging for a Halloween costume, I’ve got one more party to share with you, The Batman Dance Party!

For Batman’s 75th Anniversary, local comic shop Vault of Midnight threw a big bash at The Pyramid Scheme. It was also an attempt to break the world record for most Batmans (Batmen?) in one location. The event was a huge success, and a blast to see unfold. Especially with AB providing the soundtrack. Yes, he played Prince.

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Harry Potter Party – Costume Bash Series Part 2

wizard duel

Omigosh. Do you have a costume yet? You’re running out of time! Here, try this…

In July, Kaitie threw a Harry Potter bash to celebrate her birthday. She created a ton of fun details for the event. There was a table full of Honeydukes Treats, Quidditch “Pong”, specialty cocktails (Unicorn Blood and Butterbeer), an outdoor movie screen, roman candles for casting spells, and way more that I’m forgetting.

girl dressed as Hermione Granger with her time-turner.

And once again, guest enthusiasm takes the cake. Almost everyone was dressed to the nines, with no duplicate characters! Is... Read More

The Graveyard Shift – A Halloween Playlist

playlist, spotify, halloween, spooky, music, songs, graveyard, cemetery,

Ten days until Halloween! I drove past the cemetery last week on my lunch break. The trees were full of gold leaves, the sky was grey, and the air was dense and foggy. It was impeccably gothic. I almost blew off work to go graveyard wandering. If I didn’t have a project deadline that day, I would have.

That’s the tone I was going for with my Halloween playlist this year. Songs with a bit more of a gothic edge, a little off the beaten path. No Monster Mash here. (If you are looking for something more classic and upbeat, check out the playlists from 2013 and 2012.)

So we’ve got ghosts, cannibals, even a Twin Peaks nod. And... Read More

Junior High Dance Party – Costume Bash Series Part 1

The text, "The Junior High Dance Party" superimposed on the floor above a woman's feet in jelly shoes.

Tis the season for costume inspiration! Since 2014 has been The Year of the Costumed Bash for me, maybe I can help some of you out! Kicking off the series with a doozy.

In June, we threw a Junior High Dance Party for Craig’s birthday, complete with ill-fitting wardrobes, sugar highs, and the ultimate nostalgic playlist. (This idea may have been inspired by a junior-high slow-dancing session in our kitchen.)

A wood-paneled room is decorated with crepe paper and stars for a junior high / middle school dance party.

THE SETUP: We found a super welcoming Polish hall that was willing to let us rent... Read More

Friday Digs: October!

October, Halloween

Oh, happy month! It’s truly one of my favorites. Autumnal color palettes, cozy sweaters, candy bowls, and COSTUMES. I’m planning a little Halloween-y blog series this month. So if any of you are in need of costume ideas, stay tuned. Maybe I can spark your imagination.

Before we get to the good stuff, since these things come up every year, here’s your annual reminder that
a) Pinkwashing and sexual objectification in the name of Breast Cancer “Awareness” is capitalistic malarky
and b) it is possible to simultaneously critique... Read More

The Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival

movie theater, marquee,

On Sunday, September 21st, I was lucky enough to help launch the first ever Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival.

When I heard that the crew from The Bandit Zine was putting this on, I couldn’t think of anything more in my wheelhouse. A local screening of films with feminist themes made by underrepresented filmmakers? Yes, please. Oh, by the way, it’s free.

So I reached out to the organizers to see if there was any way I could lend a hand, particularly with my photo/video skills. They welcomed me with open arms! So, in addition to shooting event photos, I was able to put together some animated title screens and an intro video... Read More

Vintage Feminachos: A Springsteen Kind of Love

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run

[image source also, if you dig funny shop jobs, I made one of my friends.]

Today is the 39th anniversary of the release of Springsteen’s Born to Run. Have you listened to it yet today? You should. Especially the title track. I know the radio can wear it thin, but just crank that song and really listen to it. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

I have a lot of feelings about Bruce. Two years ago, I wrote a bit about how his music echoed my views of love, passion, and equanimity. It’s one of the only things I’ve written that... Read More

Friday Digs: Just the Good Stuff

Guardians of the Galaxy

All the world is going to hell. I don’t need to add more negativity today. Have some feel-good links.

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy this week. It’s just as fun as everyone says. While DC is stuck in the muck of “gritty realism”, Marvel is just screwing around and having a blast. Chris Pratt as Peter Quill is a much needed return to the wisecracking action hero ala Kurt Russell/Harrison Ford.

Due in no small part to screenwriter Nicole Perlman, “The Woman Behind ‘Guardians of the... Read More

The PC Police and the Case of the Token TV Ad

PC Police

This weekend I attended a video editing workshop in Chicago. At one point, we screened a series of well-crafted TV ads, and discussed how the edits contributed to the tone and story. The facilitator showed this ad from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

It’s a pretty excellent ad, right? He took comments from the group, and we analyzed the edit and how it followed the emotional arc of that moment in any game.

Then he called on this guy who said, “In this ad, when they first showed the girl on screen, I felt like they were purposefully showing that off. Do you ever have a problem with token diversity in edits? Like when you have... Read More

Twin Suns: A Tat(t)oo Survival Guide

Floral tattoo

I am the proud owner of two beautiful floral tattoos. A wreath on my forearm and a brand new bunch on my left shoulder. Both of them were done by Gareth Hawkins at Wealthy Street Tattoo in Grand Rapids.

In a surprising twist, I have yet to receive a single negative or concerned comment about them. Sure, they’re colorful and innocuous, but they’re also rather large. Even my somewhat conservative extended family was all “oohs” and “aahs” when they saw them. Refreshing!

I do get a lot of questions, though.

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